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The Tuscany Store Project

TheTuscanyStore.com is a web portal created with mission of promoting and selling authentic Tuscan products. We offer a complete set of services for sales, transport and secure payment, meant to meet all your online retail needs, whether retailer or customer. And we are dedicated to keeping you informed about the state of your order from the moment you make a purchase until it arrives safely on your doorstep. The Tuscany Store collaborates closely with Communicart.it, a business that specializes in communications and publishing, inspired by the need to promote the best of Tuscan events, producers, and products. Communicart.it is also the parent company of the web portal RealTasteofTuscany.com. A new project came to life when their respective passions for Tuscany, its unspoiled landscapes, its high quality food and wine production and the wellness these things together can produce found a worthy outlet. For Veronica, who divides herself between her native Florence and the countryside she loves, Tuscany was the inspiration behind her debut as a writer. Her business is based mainly on the promotion of ‘Tuscany’ as a brand, in particular dedicating herself to publishing her own books and maps, written from the point of view of one who lives here and knows the true Tuscan spirit. What distinguishes her from others who have written about the area are her almanacs of events and specialties from ‘the insider’s point of view.’ But, she hasn’t stopped there. Communicart’s thematic maps and web sites promote Tuscan news, events, products and producers of the highest level, especially those that are the hardest to find. She has committed her career to bringing greater visibility to the area’s best-kept secrets, and loves gathering people together to enjoy them in events that she organizes.
TheTuscanyStore.com and RealTasteOfTuscany.com work side by side to develop and promote an exclusive network of the highest quality Tuscan products and producers in fields that range from art to handicraft, food, wine, hospitality, nature, sports and events. The interaction between producers (also called partners) from a variety of fields contributes to an overarching, interdisciplinary effort. The ultimate goal is to advocate on behalf of the best products and services of our region and to give a voice to the multitude ofareas within Tuscany and their characteristic traditions and specialties. The careful attention paid when choosing our partners ensures that the network and the brand are synonymous with the best quality, both in products and in services, that consumers can find. TheTuscanyStore.com and RealTasteoOfTuscany.com always give priority to content over packaging and take pride in connecting the consumer directly with local producers. The creation of a complete set of services and an extremely elevated level of quality both in terms of sales and in terms of selection, both editorial and promotional. Our concept is to reap benefits for both our producers and our retail customers and we are able to accomplish this thanks to a particularly attentive selection process for partners, based on their dedication to quality and the information they are able to provide customers. In the end our goal is to bring Tuscan producers closer to national and international marketplaces and the retail customer closer to a vast assortment of traditional and quality Tuscan products. It is our responsibility to keep you up-to-date on the best products available and to provide you with useful information to satisfy your curiosity about Tuscany. Are you traveling now in Tuscany? Or have you just left but want to stay in contact with this wonderful region? We will gladly serve as your guides to Tuscany and your link to this wonderful land.